Bluegill are the most common forage fish stocked in farm ponds in the south and are the key forage species for largemouth bass. Thanks to Pond Boss, Texas A&M, & Game and Fish. … When supplemental feeding of bluegill, keep the follow-ing recommendations in mind: Floating … Adult Bluegill Mortality and Exploitation . This is a popular option in ponds less than 1 acre. When we first decided to raise hand-painted bluegill, all that we could find on their growth rate was a decades-old article from a hatchery in another southern state that had briefly raised them twenty- or thirty-odd years ago, and had then decided to focus on coppernose instead. For new or renovated unfertilized ponds, bluegill should be stocked at 500 2-4″ bluegill to 50 2-4″ largemouth bass. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Bureau of Fisheries Management, PUBL‐FM‐711 08,, If the largemouth bass is the king of freshwater sportfish in the United States, the humble bluegill is the throne holding it up. At 1 year of age: Bluegill will likely fall between 4.5 and 6 inches. you can use to grow even bigger bass, your first step is making sure they have plenty of high-quality food. //
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