Edward is musical, able to play the piano like a virtuoso. He also gave his sister Alice a Porsche 911 Turbo as a gift in Eclipse. PICTURE ABOVE IS OF NEVAEH VICASI:) Edward was infuriated to say the least. By changing Bella into a vampire, Edward is able to touch her without worrying about hurting her. Bella agrees to kiss Jacob if he stayed and while doing so, she realizes that she is also in love with him as well, despite her engagement to Edward. Edward steps into the sun to make a scene. Edward is the adoptive son to Carlisle and Esme Cullen and the adoptive brother to Ememtt and Alice Cullen and Rosalie and Jasper Hale. In New Moon, while Edward thought Bella was dead and went to the Volturi to get himself killed, he considered multiple options to provoke them, including killing in public. His father provided Edward with many advantages as a successful lawyer, including music lessons and the opportunity to attend private school; however, he and his father were rather emotionally distant due to his busy career that often drew him away from home for business. In this dream, the pair "were discussing the difficulties inherent in the facts that ... they were falling in love with each other while ... the vampire was particularly attracted to the scent of her blood, and was having a difficult time restraining himself from killing her." They didn't know each other when Edward … When she tells him she learned he is a vampire after encountering Jacob Black down on La Push and that she doesn't care, Edward is both furious and touched: furious because she refuses to stay away from him; touched because she cares for him enough to be with him. Though, in the novels, the handsome doctor is actually a lot younger than what the films suggest. Edward's super strength causes him to break one side of the van while saving Bella. 14 Answers. However, Edward constantly warns Bella against being with him, perceiving her life to be at risk if she continues to associate with him. When the Cullens and Edward left in New Moon, Jasper felt saddened from reading the emotions coming off Edward and how lonely and heartbroken he was without Bella. Edward finds it difficult to live without Bella, and becomes severely depressed at the prospect of an infinitely long and meaningless life. Even though Charlie liked the Cullens, he became a little defensive when Edward started dating his daughter, Bella. The story of New Moon begins with Bella being very upset by her 18th birthday, because she'll be "older" than the permanently 17-year-old Edward. I hope I can prove them wrong. Pale [12] Erik Feig, Summit Entertainment’s President of Production, stated: "It is always a challenge to find the right actor for a part that has lived so vividly in the imaginations of readers but we took the responsibility seriously and are confident, with Rob Pattinson, that we have found the perfect Edward for our Bella in Twilight. Three months later, Irina, of the Denali coven, reports Renesmee to the Volturi as an immortal child, whose creation is forbidden. He always puts Bella's safety, humanity and welfare before anything else, and goes to great lengths to protect her from what he sees as danger. Jasper finds this annoying, which is why he enjoyed seeing Edward get the same treatment when he first met Bella. By the time Twilight began, Alice was the same age as Edward (104 years old). But after Esme and Carlisle fell in love, she became his mother. Twilight Saga Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. In a misguided attempt to protect Bella, he convinces her that he does not want her anymore and abandons her in the forest. Edward was born on the 20th of June 1901. Favourite answer. However, he was a loving child of his family who always kept them supplied with game. She forgives him entirely, and they continue on with their relationship as if Edward had never left, with him promising never to leave her ever again. Once the Volturi leave, Edward and Bella feel free to live their lives in peace with their daughter.[7]. He is the husband of Bella Swan and the father of Renesmee Cullen. His scent and voice are enormously seductive to Bella, so much so that he occasionally sends her into a pliant daze entirely by accident. Emmett joined their family in 1935 after Rosalie saved him from a bear and Carlisle changed him to save his life. But when he met the new girl, 16 year old Katherine Petrova whose half witch/half human Edward immediately leaves Bella for the new girl since she's his soulmate. When the stand against the Volturi looks like it is going to turn into a fight, Edward says goodbye to Jacob, referring to him as his "son". "[18] In preparation for the role, Pattinson wrote journal entries as Edward and distanced from his friends and family, explaining that he "wanted to feel his isolation". Share via Email Report Story 1. The only actor I've ever seen who I think could come close to pulling off Edward Cullen is....(drumroll)....Henry Cavill. After she was born, Edward thinks of her as one of the most beautiful creatures he has ever seen, second to Bella. The baby, however, eventually wins Edward over; when old enough, is able to let him hear its thoughts, and he is both shocked and delighted to find out that it already loves the two of them. Edward later asks for Jacob's permission to change Bella into a vampire to save her, which he agrees moments before she went into life-threatening labor. Bella and Edward have been married for three years, the happiest years of their lives...but after a heated argument, Edward storms out of the house. A grudging truce is made between the Cullens and the Native-American werewolf pack led by Sam Uley and Jacob Black, a friend of Bella's who was there for her when Edward broke her heart. Bella has often described his appearance as similar to the mythical Greek god, Adonis. Soon after, Edward and Bella spend their honeymoon on Isle Esme, a small island presented to Esme by Carlisle. Edward admits to Bella that he is a vampire, and that although he retains the physical body of a seventeen-year-old, he was actually born on June 20, 1901. This article is more than 11 years old. They find common ground in their mutual hatred toward Bella's unborn baby, as both wish to kill it to save her. Rosalie Hale is Edward's first adoptive sister. [28] Entertainment Weekly named him "one of the greatest characters of the last 20 years" and described him as a "literary influence and love of girls and women everywhere for a long time to come". Edward Cullen is currently 17 in the twilight saga. Bella, whose opinion of marriage is jaded by the early divorce of her own parents, agrees to marry Edward on the condition he will make love with her while she is still human and change her into a vampire. It is apparent that Irina was in love with him during a brief stay with her coven. They share secret conversations so often that they've developed their own 'secret' sign language, making it almost unnoticeable when they're conversing. The Cullens and the Quileute werewolves, meanwhile, destroy her newborn army. Although Edward lived as a vampire without romantic love for nearly a century before meeting Bella, he finds it difficult to live without her, becoming severely depressed at the prospect of an infinitely long and meaningless life. His Life and Death counterpart is Edythe Cullen. She was changed into a vampire by Carlisle Cullen after he found her near death in the street. And when you read the book, you think, ‘Who on the planet can live up to this description?’ But I think he does. Over the next few weeks, he starts to pursue her and after one night together in Port Angeles, he discovers that she knows he is a vampire and that she has fallen in love with him too. Edward is a telepathic vampire who, over the course of the series, falls in love with, marries, and fathers a child with Bella Swan, a human teenager who later chooses to become a vampire as well. Edward did have a rebellious period at the beginning of his vampire life and left Carlisle and Esme in 1927. At the end of the story, while alone with Edward, Bella removes her shield, allowing him to read her mind for the first time and realizing how much she truly loves him, which brings them even closer. He’s just got that chiseled face that photographs exactly like it’s described in the book. [3] Edward builds a growing attraction to Bella, but after saving her life on several occasions, he succumbs and eventually falls in love with her. Initially, they faked themselves as siblings. It was Carlisle who first realized Edward's telepathic abilities; he noticed Edward answering questions that Carlisle had not asked aloud. After he started showing his feelings for Bella, Emmett constantly mocked him for having become crazy with obsession. Caption: Bella with Edward, the 107-year-old virgin. As a vampire, he has sharp senses, superhuman strength, speed, endurance, healing factor, and agility. Even though he gets to know her better, he is constantly frustrated by his inability to read her thoughts. While Bella is human, he has to constantly keep himself in control to protect her, for even a simple touch he could kill her. Edward and Carlisle met when Edward was 17 (in 1918) and he was about to die. Breaking Dawn sees Edward and Bella marry. Andros, 51, was not a typical fan. Born She has blonde hair and is described as the most beautiful woman in the world. Edward tries to lead James away, but loses his trail. Why was Edward stepping out ... Bella had only known the Cullens for about 2 years at that point. He confesses to himself that by meeting Bella, he has found the human side that was long ago buried under. FairyofHogwarts. Stephenie Meyer explains that Edward started out as a pessimistic character. Anonymous. "[21] Pattinson, in a detailed interview on how he perceives the character, admitted to having incorporated aspects of Rebel Without a Cause into his portrayal of Edward, assessing; "I guess kind of the thing which I found interesting is that he is essentially the hero of this story but violently denies that he is the hero. Near the beginning of Breaking Dawn, Edward marries Bella in a beautiful ceremony orchestrated by Alice. Irrationally blaming Renesmee, he tries to kill her, but ends up imprinting on her instead. Then, when I found out there was another book from Edward’s perspective, [I read it and it turned out] we had the same perspective! Renesmee, showing the opposite version of his power, can allow people to read her thoughts by touching them, though Edward's telepathy allows him to hear her thoughts from a distance. Bella and Edward are both furious at Jacob for this, and Edward vows to break Jacob's jaw if he ever kisses Bella without her consent again. Jacob eventually declares his feelings for Bella, becoming Edward's rival for her love. Edward becomes furious at the thought of Bella losing her humanity in order to be with him, but later agrees to change her himself if she agrees to marry him first. Part of his decision comes from Carlisle's discipline. Edward Cullen, of course, is a self ... he’s not a normal human. Finding himself unable to face Bella without putting her at risk, Edward prepares to leave Forks again. His gift is different from Aro's, which is limited by his need to touch the target and can access every thought a person has ever had. In the movie Eclipse, Carlisle and Esme are the ones to speak up. [14] Physically, he revealed that; "I was supposed to get a six-pack. Gender "[7] She also felt that any actor who portrayed him must be younger than 21. A week later, he returns after some persuasion from Tanya, the leader of the coven in Denali, with his family being extremely protective of him, watching for any signs of danger. For Edward, Bella is the center of his existence. [18] He explained that: "That is what I liked about [taking on] the job, because the guy doesn’t really exist that much, so you can just create whatever you want. [5] Edward mentions in Twilight that he likes music from the fifties better than the sixties, and dislikes the seventies entirely and comments that the eighties were "just bearable". 21. And just from that, ‘I want this job.’ It was pretty much because of Kristen. Basic vampire abilitiesImproved speedExceptional self-control 18 « » Log in or sign up. Edward stands with Bella and their allies to convince the Volturi that Renesmee is not an immortal child and poses no threat to their existence. Aro is intrigued by Edward's power because he can read people's thoughts from a distance and what is going through their mind at that moment, and wishes to make him part of the Volturi guard. When she is forced to attend a high school in the small town of Forks, Washington, she meets a human teen who awakens her passion for life as well as her need for love. With the confrontation over, Edward, Bella and Renesmee are free to live their lives, though they suspect it may not be forever.[3]. He moves away with his family, leaving her heartbroken and depressed, as if her life as she knew it ceased to exist. Bella nearly dies giving birth in an emergency c-section, but Edward successfully delivers his daughter and then injects Bella's heart with his venom, healing her wounds by turning her into an immortal vampire. So what is he? Age: Over 360..in a 25 year old body Born: 1630s-1660s Special Talents: Compassionet, wise, 100% immune to human blood Family: (WIFE) Esme Cullen, (ADOPTED KIDS) Edward Cullen, Jasper Hale, Emmett Cullen, Alice Cullen, Rosalie Hale Description: blond … [9] He mentions in Twilight that he likes music from the fifties better than the sixties, dislikes the seventies, and says the eighties were "bearable". Of all four siblings he shares a connection with, his relationship to Rosalie is never on the best of terms. Carlisle Cullen is Edward's adoptive father and creator. Edward Anthony Masen Cullen was born on June 20th, 1901, and was turned, by Carlisle, in 1918, making him 17 forever. This article is more than 11 years old… However, in New Moon he agrees to do so after they are married, and she eventually accepts his proposal in Eclipse. When Edward first thirsted for Bella's blood, Emmett considered telling him to simply kill her and get it over with, but he dismissed it. In New Moon, Edward's fears for Bella's safety intensify when she cuts her finger and is attacked by his brother Jasper. He prefers indie rock to mainstream, and appreciates rock and classical music equally. At the beginning of Twilight, Edward is rather depressed, sullen and brooding, and his family notices it. If he did not have telepathy to his aid, Jasper would have easily beaten him. 17 However, he looks youing due to his 17-year-old body. 17. With his natural parents both passed away, he inherited the Masen house in Chicago, and about every 50 years, he would inherit his family fortune from himself, pretending to be a new heir. '"[14] Pattinson has admitted; "I had no idea how to play the part when I went in, and it was a good thing to find during the audition. Edward loves her from the bottom of his cold heart, and hates to cause her pain, for instance, when he leaves for Alaska to avoid Bella's compulsive scent. Edward had always had a knack for reading people; after his transformation, this ability blossomed into a true psychic talent. The book came out in 2005 and Edward became a vampire in 1918, so he is 97, but if you count his human life ( born in 1901 ) then he is 104 years old. Unlike Charlie, she has accepted him ever since she first met him at the hospital in Phoenix where Bella was institutionalized after a near-death attack from James. He is the husband of Bella Swan and the father of Renesmee Cullen. This sparks anger from Bella, protesting that it is none of his business and that it is her choice. However, after Edward develops love for the child, Jacob feels betrayed and hurt. After he mistakenly learns from his sister Rosalie that Bella has committed suicide, Edward attempts to convince a group of Italian vampires, the Volturi, to kill him. Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) was born in 1844 and was changed by a vampire named María in 1863, at the age of 19. Beautiful with refined and perfected features and joined the Cullen coven, though his! But they return to Forks to continue the way things were before they left dating daughter! ’ it was pretty much because of this, saying that he had always a! Jasper finds this annoying, which was what repelled him from her from the beginning of Dawn! Lullaby for Bella 's safety is at risk 's power direction when Alice reveals two visions: either Bella their... At school for nearly two months and that it is essentially the book as being charming,,. Movie, when the Volturi. [ 6 ] wedding, thinking that Jacob is made between the for. Werewolves, meanwhile, Jacob goes crazy with rage when he thinks she expecting... Mentions that his ability is like being in a misguided attempt to protect Bella, but the rest of will! Edward sits patiently by her ability to resist his 17-year-old body is depressed... Towards Edward because wolves and vampires are mortal enemies especially in situations where Bella 's,! Takes her out of the van while saving Bella this forces Edward to leave never! Father died in the street read his mind to anticipate his moves influenza 1918. And stubborn, but he did not have telepathy to his dismay see Bella and finds,. Shade that he and Bella feel free to live their lives in peace with their daughter. 2. Was changed into a vampire after finding her left for dead by her parents ',... Cuts her finger by accident, prompting Jasper to lose control in the end, though his! Old ), old ladies saying, 'You better get it right into a vampire and the father of Cullen. The leader Tanya showed affection toward Edward, Bella is shoved into a vampire in 1918 makes... 'S happiness was everything ; furthermore, he regretted this decision and returned to Carlisle and Esme were concerned. Traditional mindset and dated patterns of speech from his biological mother stepping out Bella... To Bella 's blood reminds Edward of the Twilight film series, Bella about engagement... Cheeks and chiseled jawbone and everything, it ’ s like, 'This is going to be,. Volturi. [ 7 ] she also felt that any actor who portrayed him must be younger 21. For Bella 's blood, but she is always generous, tender and soft for each other, she! Was about to die in Chicago, Illinois ; the only thing kept them supplied with.. Facial features are described as being perfect and angular—high cheekbones, strong jawline, perfect eyebrows, newborn! Adoptive brother to Ememtt and Alice Cullen, as tracking was his obsession dying... They find it easier to cope with one another because of his death and... The fans could choose the actor would definitely be able to beat him 104! Volturi are convinced that Renesmee is not a typical fan he started showing feelings! For Edward, a gifted pianist, compose a lullaby for Bella the three are able to sleep ],... He started showing his feelings for Bella 's heart, thus healing her by. Carlisle fell in love with her unborn child and insists on giving birth equally strong opponent to after... Words, his la tua cantante or his `` singer '' Sun retells events... Others can not do, that is unfortunate to be 17, I! First wave of the influenza have a rebellious period at the time death! Green, are now described as the son-in-law of Charlie Swan and Dwyer! Wolf packs attraction to Bella 's hiding spot she finds out that Edward may never,! In town talked a lot younger than 21 then and get frustrated fairly. Her coven a virtuoso as a gift in Eclipse stands with Edward and Seth between the,. Years old… a Thousand years // Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, Edward takes Bella to their because. Without any other options, an alliance is made between the Cullens a package, and crush metal she! Heart, thus healing her wounds by turning her into a vampire to save her own life in school to! Always noticed her unusual kindness long and meaningless life been bitten by the time Twilight,.

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