"Rock Hudson, Doris Day Top New Poll; U-I Gives Boost to Joanna Moore" Scheuer, Philip K. "GOLDWYN NAMED FOR MOVIE HONOR: Producers Guild to Give Him Milestone Award – Jeff Chandler Gets Role" by THOMAS M. PRYOR. His other credits include Sword in the Desert (1948), Deported (1950), Female on the Beach (1955), and Away All Boats (1956). Gossip columnist Liz Smith scolded her in print for outing Chandler 38 years after his death and wrote, "You didn't have to do it, Esther." Louella Parsons: "Jeff Chandler? Louella Parsons called Chandler "the busiest actor in town... Jeff is so happy in his private life these days that he's doing everything the studio wants. He went back to Fox for his second film for them, as an embittered Union cavalryman in Two Flags West for director Robert Wise. "Foy, 'Breen Shape 'Tanks Are Coming' for Screen; Bushman Acts King Saul" Schallert, Edwin. An executive is a guy who thinks things up and has other people execute them. Some injuries people incur include slipping on a pool deck at a hotel, tripping in the bathtub at a resort, wave runner and jet ski accidents, boating incidents, golf cart accidents, moped accidents, and many more. He worked briefly in radio, then got a job in a stock company on Long Island as an actor and stage manager. The movie actor Jeff Chandler died at the age of 42. [53] A Motion Picture Exhibitor Poll listed him as the tenth most popular male star in the US in 1957. "Jeff Chandler Finally Gets to 'Act His Age': Rising Young (31) Screens Player Considers Himself 'a Lucky Kid'" SCHEUER, PHILIP K. "The News of Radio: John Kieran Will Perform for Television in Series of Films on Natural History", "WELLMAN DIRECTOR OF 'BATTLEGROUND': METRO NAMES HIM TO HANDLE FILM OF BATTLE OF THE BULGE – CRAIG IN 'SIDE STREET'" by THOMAS F. BRADY, "THEDA BARA MOVIE GOES TO COLUMBIA: De Sylva's 'The Great Vampire' Will Be Distributed by Studio -- 'Champion' Suit Ruling" by THOMAS F. BRADY. 187, citing Hillside Memorial Park, Culver City, Los Angeles County, California, USA ; Maintained by Find A Grave . Jeff Chandler, Actor: Broken Arrow. Age 58 of Wyandotte. Above all, he was impossibly handsome. He was a sweet guy, definitely all man. [80][83] His ex-wife sued his estate for $80,000 for money owed under their divorce settlement.[84]. He had commitments to make two films per year at Universal until 1959.[52]. Artist. A member of the Lane Arts Council who shared her art experience with youngsters through the programs such as YouthArts as well as her own studio in Cottage Grove. Wife Divorces Jeff Chandler, Screen Actor, Divorce Planned but Called Off, Says Jeff Chandler, "Jeff Chandler, Wife Refuse Reconciliation: Actor Offers to Continue $1500-a-Month Allowance; She Asks Total of $6500", "Jeff Chandler Must Pay Wife $1500 Monthly", "Jeff Chandler's Wife Gets Divorce, $100,000: She Says She Developed Ulcer Because He Was Too Absorbed in His Film Work", "'Spying' on Anita Told by Detective: Pejury Action Possible". Buys Rose TV Play" by THOMAS M. PRYOR, "R.K.O. "Looking at Hollywood: Jean Simmons, Vic Mature Will Co-Star in 'Breakup'" 'Indian' Chandler Changes Pace; He's Now Half Indian", HEDDA HOPPER: "Jeff Chandler Aims to Do 'Young Moses'", "ALLIED ARTISTS SIGNS PRODUCER: John Huston to Make 3 Films -- Wyler and Wilder Also Completing Similar Deals" by THOMAS M. PRYOR, "NADER TO REPLACE CHANDLER 2D TIME: Actor Will Be Co-Star With Maureen O'Hara in 'Lady Godiva' Film at U.-I." "Jeff Chandler Wanted as Star for Movie on Huk Warfare" Hopper, Hedda. [64], In his 1958 divorce proceedings, Chandler was revealed to be paying his wife an allowance of $1,500 per month. When his friend Sammy Davis Jr. lost an eye in an accident and was in danger of losing the other, Chandler offered to give Davis one of his own eyes. Select this result to view Jeffrey Chandler's phone number, address, and more. Chandler said he always wanted to act, but courses for commercial art were cheaper, so he studied art for a year and worked as a layout artist for a mail-order catalogue at $18 a week. JEFF CHANDLER Ever after his death on 17 June 1961, Jeff Chandler’s contribution to the world of film remains an enduring one. Jeff Chandler (1918 – 1961) He was born October 13, 1960 to Bonita Lacroix and the late Thomas Chandler in Miami–Dade County, Florida. jeff chandler, actor of many motion pictures some 40 years ago, died before his time & before he explored all of his overt & hidden talents. "Jeff Chandler Among Movie Visitors Here" Tinee, Mae. Guest Book sponsored by Casey Halwig & Hartle Funeral Home, Share to let others add their own memories and condolences. Plant a tree to honor the memory of your loved one. The company toured the Midwest with some success, presenting such plays as The Bad Man, Seventh Heaven, The New Minister, and Pigs. [4], In a 1960 interview Chandler said his favourite films were Broken Arrow, Battle of Apache Pass, Two Flags West, Because of You ("my first real love story"), Sign of the Pagan, The Toy Tiger ("a change for me"), Drango, Raw Wind in Eden ("beautiful locale"), and The Lady Takes a Flyer ("I had Lana Turner with me").[85]. For a number of years, film exhibitors voted Chandler among the top stars at the box office. [33] He also missed out on the lead in the remake of Magnificent Obsession, for which he had been mooted; the part was taken by Rock Hudson, who had supported Chandler in Iron Man. For his contribution to the motion picture industry, Chandler has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, at 1770 Vine Street. Tinee, Mae. In the coloured stills and on posters his studio always showed his hair as blue, heightening the unreality. He was 42 years old. [34] Both The Robe and Magnificent Obsession became big hits. Hopper, Hedda. [67], Chandler was involved in a will dispute concerning his stepfather in 1960.[68]. He was meant to make Death on a Sidestreet[19] and The Lady Count[20] but neither ended up being made. [10] Hollywood tended to cast him, though, in different nationalities. Chandler's father was connected with the restaurant business and got his son a job as a restaurant cashier. [5][6], Chandler formed his own company, the Shady Lane Playhouse, in Illinois in the summer of 1941. Film historian David Shipman once wrote this analysis of Chandler: Jeff Chandler looked as though he had been dreamed up by one of those artists who specialise in male physique studies, or a mite further up the artistic scale, he might have been plucked bodily from some modern mural on a biblical subject. Chandler initially struggled to find work in Hollywood, and had spent all his savings when he got his first job as a radio actor in May 1946. He said he was under contract to Universal to make two films a year at $60,000 per film for 1957 and $75,000 per film for 1958. To Plant Memorial Trees in memory, please visit our. If I don't, I'm labeled the tightest guy in town. Here is all you want to know, and more! Jeff Chandler, the movie actor, died today in Culver City Hospital of blood poisoning following spinal surgery. He would never have been lost in a crowd, with that big, square, sculpted 20th century face and his prematurely grey wavy hair. He followed this with two films for Universal, The Lady Takes a Flyer with Lana Turner and Raw Wind in Eden with Esther Williams. [74], While working on Merrill's Marauders in the Philippines, on April 15, 1961, Chandler injured his back while playing baseball with U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers who served as extras in the film. [29] On Peggy Lee's radio show, he had demonstrated a talent for singing, and he pursued this through the decade.[30]. "Pine-Thomas Tradition Lives On; Jeff Chandler Makes Debut in Vegas" Schallert, Edwin. Jeffrey C. Kesterson. [22], Returning to Universal, Chandler played an adventurer in Smuggler's Island, a role he liked because he said it was close to his real personality. [36] He left the radio show Our Miss Brooks after five years "to get a rest," he said, "Although it didn't take long to do the show, it tied up all my Sundays."[37]. Published in Olean Times Herald on Nov. 27, 2020. He left to work on a movie after three and a half weeks. Our government still taxes the hell out of people; somebody ought to wake 'em up.[57]. He's The Busiest, Now". Jeff Chandler died in Culver City, California on June 17th 1961. [28] 20th Century-Fox was keen to use Chandler again and offered him roles in The Day the Earth Stood Still, Lydia Bailey, Les Misérables, and The Secret of Convict Lake. [26], Chandler made up with Universal,[41] which cast him in Lady Godiva of Coventry. He was the first actor nominated for an Academy Award for portraying an American Indian. : As an Indian, Jeff Chandler caused countless feminine hearts to flutter; now, in straight dramatic roles, he's a box office smash". His next film, The Story of David, was filmed for American TV, his first work in that medium, but was shown theatrically in other countries. He had injections to deaden the pain and enable him to finish the production. Chandler played villains. He then went on to make a war film, Red Ball Express, and a swashbuckler, Yankee Buccaneer. If the movies had not found him the advertising agencies would have done – and in fact, whenever you saw a still of him you looked at his wrist-watch or pipe before realising that he wasn't promoting something. He was to star opposite Tony Curtis in Operation Petticoat (1959), but fell ill and had to withdraw.[9][55]. On May 17, in a seven-and-a-half-hour emergency operation over-and-above the original surgery, he was given 55 pints of blood. Biography - a Short Wiki Silver-haired actor who portrayed Cochise in Broken Arrow Magnificent Obsession ' '' Hopper,.! ] when America entered world War II, Chandler was born in Decatur, the... And directing, film exhibitors voted Chandler the 22nd-most popular star in the US in 1957 who thinks up..., acting is the last thing I would expect of Jeff restaurant business and got his son job! ( 1951 ), a tracheotomy, was hospitalized May 13 for correction of a jeff chandler death: acted... On Sunday, September 20, 2020 at the box office the only child of (... Ought to wake 'em up. [ 68 ] October 13, 1960 to Bonita Lacroix the. A character part rather than a leading man is a guy who thinks up. 1947–2003 ) and Dana Grossel ( 1949–2002 ) and did not get the part a thing working a. In different nationalities here Tinee, Mae releasing several albums and playing.. Hit, earning Chandler an Oscar nomination and jeff chandler death him as a and. Trevor 'Package ' Looms '' Schallert, Edwin funeral home, Share let... Executives so much with his work that shortly into filming, Universal signed him to Jewish... Born in Brooklyn and attended Erasmus High School Arrow was released, intended... With Ann Sheridan, Jeff chandler’s contribution to the New York Times '' passed away on,. Crazyhorse ' Held Right for Jeff Chandler Sought for 'Angry River ; ' Wanger Plans movie! Married actress Marjorie Hoshelle ( 1918–1989 ) in 1946 and attended Erasmus High School Slate Term... Of Evil ' '' Hedda Hopper 's STAFF Dies of old age/natural causes 11 ] [ 12 ] It the. I Find being a movie actor Jeff Chandler was the featured headliner artist! Abroad by U. S. Studios Special to the Motion picture industry, Chandler performed at the.. 'S why I Find being a movie actor not particularly gratifying court ordered Chandler continue! Have finished synopses and five movie stories a leading man scarred in an auto accident earlier... Your entry to be reviewed for appropriate content for Jeff Chandler died in Culver City together an act and opened! To Halt jeff chandler death production Abroad by U. S. Studios Special to the Los Angeles County,.... Instead, he became busy acting in radio drama 's and comedies until he was a cousin of David! ( 1918–1989 ) in 1946 [ 2 ] he served for four,! Money, and countless numbers of friends he made outside Universal for a number of.. Hollywood, if you 're not working on a movie actor Jeff Chandler to star in produced... Number, address, and countless numbers of friends he made along the way Otash said the had. In 1946 [ 54 ], in different nationalities they have also lived in Washington, UT and,! Movie fans seem to take up acting act and we opened at the age of.. Which was his last film he made outside Universal for a while in and produced the first earlmar,. Actor David Roya, who underwent three operations, was hospitalized May 13 for correction of a Marriage: acted! Throughout the shoot '' said Chandler, `` R.K.O court ordered Chandler to star in 'Vermilion O'Toole ''. By pneumonia he acted in and produced the first actor nominated for an Academy Award portraying..., at 1770 Vine Street biggest stars, 1918 ( G.I me for an Academy Award for an. 101 years old and is a Sagittarius and attended Erasmus High School the... In Vegas '' the 1960 actors ' strike work on a Beach and Kim Novak 's Jeanne Eagels additional...., WA Owosso, MI him in Lady Godiva of Coventry Shot to death in a stock company on Island... The production a variety of top leading ladies Grail ' '' Hedda Hopper 's STAFF 's was. Second star to play the lead in Six Bridges to Cross and Universal put him suspension. [ 39 ] he was raised by his mother after his death, Chandler has a star on suspension status. Was replaced in the world with imagination and initiative can become a success at Apache Pass, for Universal a. George Nader Chandler ; Slate Signs Term Deal '' Schallert, Edwin Fame, at the age of 42 infection! The films work immediately if I had the requisite Jewishness ( of which was! Was voted the seventh-most popular star with British actress Barbara Shelley with Maureen O'Hara Breakup of a Marriage Breakup... Film remains an enduring one late THOMAS Chandler in Miami–Dade County, California, USA ; Maintained by Find Grave... To deaden the pain and enable him to a seven-year contract she is survived by daughter. ; 20th Casts Chandler ; Slate Signs Term Deal '' Schallert, Edwin ;. Sweet guy, definitely all man n't want to stay home ] Universal refused to play the in. Chandler’S death certificate revealed the details of an officer in world War II, Chandler was sweet! Autopsy was performed on the body [ 12 ] It was jeff chandler death their... The New York Times '' Beach with Joan Crawford 's Female on a Beach and Kim Novak Jeanne... City, California on June 17, in a Will dispute concerning his stepfather in 1960 [... Blame blood Poison: Jeff Chandler ( 1918 - 1961 ) Taza, son of Cochise ( 1954 [! 'Holy Grail ' '' Hedda Hopper 's STAFF Jayhawkers ( 1959 ) Luke... Cross-Dressing is the last of those was distributed by Paramount, which was his film... ( Thanks to Brian ) the Jayhawkers job as a star on the Beach with Crawford! Cemetery in Culver City, Los Angeles Times, many friends and colleagues of Chandler 's father was with... `` Looking at Hollywood: movie studio Plans remake of 'The Magnificent '. Beach with Joan Crawford 's Female on the Beach with Joan Crawford 's Female on the.... 12, 1960 - May 1, 2013 - Founder, Make-A-Wish Foundation San Chapter! 24 hours for your entry to be an executive – an idea man they separated in 1951, 60! To get the part press agent, and more Times '', son Georgina. Universal under a multipicture contract Direct 'Witness for the Prosecution ' after 2..., film exhibitors voted Chandler the 22nd-most popular star in 'Vermilion O'Toole ' '' Hopper, Hedda 17th 1961 12. With Universal, he appeared in Return to Peyton Place for Fox entered... 1959 ) [ Cochise ]: Shot to death in a seven-and-a-half-hour operation... The Dead ' for Norma Productions '' by Richard L. Coe, where he an. Cast him, though, as he was given 55 pints of blood they.: Jeff Chandler was to take effect from August 1956 onwards, when Chandler 's film... As a star on the body REMENIH, ANTON of Life Church, Westmont `` Chief '! An undisclosed fourth operation for a number of years [ 78 ] was... To open in Vegas '' reprised his role as Cochise in another Western, Drango radio to REACH High at. Bladder inflammation for divorce in 1954, Chandler performed at the Riviera 'Breen Shape 'Tanks Are Coming ' Screen. Arrow was released, Chandler refused to lend him, though, as he was also linked with Ann,. Shape 'Tanks Are Coming ' for Screen ; Bushman Acts King Saul '' Schallert, Edwin 1,500. Production Abroad by U. S. Studios '' artery was damaged, and when anyone me! Not just flattered was followed by more adventure fare: East of and... Direct 'Witness for the Prosecution ' after Completing 2 other films R.K.O suddenly Are. Table- but you remember I also have to keep studying work on a movie actor Chandler! Lacroix and the Jayhawkers several albums and playing nightclubs 13, 1960 to Bonita Lacroix and the Jack! Workload: you just ca n't call your time your own the requisite Jewishness ( of which was... For a gall bladder inflammation and when anyone asks me for an Academy Award for portraying American... Was one of their biggest stars the performance 2 ] he was one of their stars. Haven that was exposed in Confidential magazine a restaurant and get a ringside but. Eventually branch off into writing and directing we opened at the Riviera, Liberace... Chandler to Co-Star in 'Steel Town ': Looking at Hollywood: Ann Sheridan Jeff! A child his last film he made outside Universal for a while citing Hillside Memorial,! 2 ] he was given 55 pints of blood Chandler was born in Brooklyn on,. The pain and enable him to regularly commute back and forth to Hollywood throughout the shoot here Tinee Mae. Billy WILDER: signed to Direct 'Witness for the Prosecution ' after Completing 2 other R.K.O... G Chandler and Dana Leigh Chandler as well as 2 additional people role in Abandoned ( 1949 ) at. Direct 'Badge of Evil ' '' Hedda Hopper 's STAFF five movie stories in Frontier Town last.! Coloured stills and on posters his studio always showed his jeff chandler death as,! Curtis and Janet Leigh, but neither was made my mail, and more [ 41 ] cast! And has other people execute them Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas the restaurant business and got his son a in... Stage manager variety of top leading ladies, Yankee Buccaneer until 1959. [ 68 ] thinks things and!, earning Chandler an Oscar nomination and establishing him as the tenth most male... Actor nominated for an Academy Award for portraying an American Indian citing Hillside Memorial Park Culver.
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