The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. . Italy was and ever has been a land of cities; and, ever since the downfall of Rome and the decay of the municipal system, the bishops of the cities had really been at the head of the peaceful and industrial part of their population, and were a natural refuge for the oppressed, and sometimes for the mutinous and the evil doers, from the military and civil powers of the duke or count or judge, too often a rule of cruelty or fraud. If you feel oppressed at work or home, getting together with other gay singles and couples and enjoying the beauty and culture of Europe without a care in the world might be the breath of fresh air you need. Oppression in a sentence (1) Oppression maketh a wise man mad. They were therefore naturally open to bribery and corruption, with the result that, while the rich often got off almost scot free, the poor were unduly taxed, and often cruelly oppressed by the tax collectors and farmers of revenue. He was no friend of arbitrary government; but he judged it better that oppressed nationalities and persecuted Liberals should suffer than that Europe should be again plunged into war. 24 synonyms of oppressed from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 59 related words, definitions, and antonyms. The soft whispering voice continued its rhythmic murmur, something oppressed him and stretched out, and the strange face was before him. Example sentences with the word oppressive. Here the object of the insurgents was in most cases to break down the local oligarchy, who engrossed all municipal office and oppressed the meaner citizens; but in less numerous instances their end was to win charters from lords (almost always ecclesiastical lords) who had hitherto refused to grant them. These methods will only stoke the fire of resentment among the oppressed. oppress example sentences. I have never felt lonesome, or in the least oppressed by a sense of solitude, but once, and that was a few weeks after I came to the woods, when, for an hour, I doubted if the near neighborhood of man was not essential to a serene and healthy life. 6. Because they set the rules. The UN supported what it saw as the just struggle of an, 29. 0. a Liberal monarchy, would not only not intervene in the internal affairs of other countries, but would not permit other powers to do so, aroused great hopes among the oppressed peoples, and was the immediate cause of a revolution in Romagna and the Marches. Anxious and worried. 3. The Czechs rightly refer to this period 300 years ago when they describe themselves as a once oppressed nation. Funds were immediately raised by sympathizers for alleviating the sufferings of the starving victims. founded the Jewish colonial association, which has undertaken vast colonizing and educational enterprises, especially in Argentina, and more recently the Jewish territorial organization has been started to found a home for the oppressed Jews of Russia. Use "oppressed" in a sentence. 97 examples: In this understanding the church takes on the role of champion of the… It'seemed that the realisation of his life's dream, 22. Its efforts in support of this oppressed group may presage a positive direction for Japanese religiosity. (all) hot and bothered idiom. It seemed that the realization of his life's dream, 28. 7. Many troubles oppressed my father. Find another word for oppressed. The former community was, he says, sorely oppressed by the covetous Cistercians. The Jesuits who had accompanied or followed the da Gama expedition into Abyssinia, and fixed their headquarters at Fremona (near Adowa), were oppressed and neglected, but not actually expelled. 13, Summers in Houston can be oppressive. John had oppressed his subjects in this way before he visited a district for purposes of sport, and the hardship was a real one. Damaged or different people drawn to find spiritual kinship among oppressed people perhaps? : The term is an antiquated yoke of oppression, politically, culturally and socially. Oppressed peoples have a fundamental right to self defense. How to use oppressive in a sentence. . Now the previously silent, oppressed masses ' can form a multitude capable of bringing about radical steps in the liberation of humankind. He desired England to be everywhere the protector of the oppressed and the upholder of "true religion.". Withal there was no noise or confusion to mar the tranquillity of their intercourse; no one usurped more than his share of the conversation; the stillness of the place oppressed a stranger with a feeling of mysterious awe. Whatever power they did secure, whether as potent subsidiary organs of the municipal polity for the regulation of trade, or as the chief or sole medium for the acquisition of citizenship, or as integral parts of the common council, was, generally speaking, the logical sequence of a gradual economic development, and not the outgrowth of a revolutionary movement by which oppressed craftsmen endeavoured to throw off the yoke of an arrogant patrician gild merchant. To the souls of the good there is reserved a life beyond the ocean, and a country oppressed by neither rain, nor snow, nor heat, but refreshed by a gentle west wind blowing continually from the sea (cf. How to use oppressed in a sentence. In after ages the oppressed people saw in his love for Israel and his patient resignation their own realized ideal. A mockery of popular institutions, under the name of a burgher council, indeed existed; but this was a mere delusion, and must not be confounded with the system of local government by means of district burgher councils which that most able man, Commissioner de Mist, sought to establish during the brief government of the Batavian Republic from 1803 to 1806, when the Dutch nation, convinced and ashamed of the false policy by which they had permitted a mere money-making association to disgrace the Batavian name, and to entail degradation on what might have been a free and prosperous colony, sought to redeem their error by making this country a national colonial possession, instead of a slavish property, to be neglected, oppressed or ruined, as the caprice or avarice of its merchant owners might dictate. Oppressed in a sentence. The difficulties experienced in applying the 1880 decree were great, but the perseverance of British officers gave the oppressed peasants, in 1885, an equitable law, which has been since improved by the decree of 1900. The vast majority of those who support NATO do so because they understand that the Kosovars were being brutally oppressed by Milosevic. Examples of oppress in a sentence, how to use it. Before him they were resisted and often crushed; after him they were exploited, oppressed, and finally destroyed. several example sentences. 12, The silence in the meeting was becoming oppressive. Baron Hirsch (q.v.) Synonym Discussion of oppress. So they cruelly oppressed the Israelites for twenty years. Example sentences with the word oppressive. : Only through genuine communion can the suffering and oppression of some become real to all. A constant restlessness oppressed him; his sight gave way; his conversation became an extraordinary mixture of metaphors; and it was only at intervals that gleams of his former power broke out, … The history, therefore, falls into recurring cycles, each of which begins with religious corruption, followed by chastisement, which continues until Yahweh, in answer to the groans of his oppressed people, raises up a "judge" to deliver Israel, and recall them to the true faith. They oppress, depress and divide the forces of possible resistance, and turn ordinary pe 3. perhaps cautionary tales that circulated among oppressed and ignorant people came to be believed. The magazine gave voice to hundreds of, 24. How to use oppress in a sentence. 2. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. See more. But she felt oppressed by the fact that the mood of everyone around her was so far from what was in her own heart. Of the oppressor I cannot speak. Oppressed in a sentence. Of the prelates employed by Strafford in this persecution the ablest was John Bramhall (1594-1663) of Derry, who not only oppressed the ministers but insulted them by coarse language. The oppressive afternoon heat had quite tired him out. Those natives who retained land were often oppressed by their stronger neighbours, and sometimes actually swindled out of their property. 24); he maintains the cause of the oppressed provinces of Spain and Africa; and he exposes the iniquities of the informer Regulus, the only living man whom he attacks in his Letters, going so far as to denounce him as omnium bipedum nequissimus (i. Oppressed; Oppressing; Oppresses; Oppress (base) 1. shatter the whole rotten structure of the Habsburg monarchy, which survived only owing to the apathy of the populations it oppressed. try its best to collect and create good sentences. The Jews of America have also taken a foremost place in the succour of their oppressed brethren in Russia and other parts of the world. Duke Richard, on the other hand, considered himself as wrongfully oppressed, and excluded from his legitimate position as a prince of the blood and a chief councillor of the crown. Definition of oppressed adjective in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary. He saw France cut up, partitioned and reduced to the rank of a second-rate power, even to that of an oppressed nation. In that year the first plot against the Viscontian rule, hatched by the twelve and the Salimbeni and fomented by the Florentines, was violently repressed, and caused the twelve to be again driven from office; but in the following year a special balia, created in consequence of that riot, annulled the ducal suzerainty and restored the liberties of Siena. Cantle's report is the first time in an official document that the white working class is identified as an oppressed minority. The bully was able to oppress his victims by threatening them with violence. self-identity of people oppressed by racism. Australia was not born of a blood-soaked conflict or struggle to be free from oppression. : They condemned attempts by the government to oppress its citizens. The winners were hailed throughout Greece as champions of the oppressed. They do not represent the opinions of Then the oppressed nation took courage and began to demand pardon for the innocent and even justice upon murderers. 2. 10. But he met with opposition from the turbulent nobility and the clergy, who had been deprived of many privileges, and he failed to conciliate the communes, which were oppressed by taxes and beginning to aspire to autonomy. A: oppressed means that the rights of a person, organization or other entity are being purposely violated. A constant restlessness oppressed him; his sight gave way; his conversation became an extraordinary mixture of metaphors; and it was only at intervals that gleams of his former power broke out, especially when some old chord of association was struck in natural science or physical geography. Examples of oppressive in a sentence, how to use it. V2: 2 they have greatly oppressed me from my youth, but they have not gained the victory over me. oppressed adjective (FEELINGS) worried and uncomfortable: She felt oppressed and discouraged in such an unfriendly environment. Learn more. On the other hand the democratic tone which distinguishes Micah from Isaiah, and his announcement of the impending fall of the capital (the deliverance of which from the Assyrian appears to Isaiah as the necessary condition for the preservation of the seed of a new and better kingdom), are explained by the fact that, while Isaiah lived in the centre of affairs, Micah, a provincial prophet, sees the capital and the aristocracy entirely from the side of a man of the oppressed people, and foretells the utter ruin of both. ‘He has oppressed our people and caused great hardship for too long.’ ‘As a country's economy grows, more men gain the material strength to exploit and oppress women.’ ‘It's also true that they have been oppressing their own people and conducting a campaign of abuse against women that justifies international intervention.’ Oppressed … oppression example sentences. oppressive example sentences. Around them the darkness was absolute, the silence oppressive. 4. See more. Though Berar was no longer oppressed by its Mahratta taskmasters nor harried by Pindari and Bhil raiders, it remained long a prey to the turbulent elements let loose by the sudden cessation of the wars. Inasmuch as the working class and the other exploited and oppressed social layers make up the majority oppressed as the struggle to oppressed because of race oppressed by her surroundings world's neediest and oppressed a peculiar exhaustion, I am so oppressed, doctor, set in - English Only forum are you oppressed wearing hijab - English Only forum But he could hardly be said seriously to have oppressed the subject cities, and technically all the League money was spent on League business, for Athena, to whom the chief monuments in Athens were reared, was the patron goddess of the League. "The principal oppressed the faculty with his constant criticism and bullying." Sentences ... these are what make life difficult, these are the sources of oppression. oppressive example sentences. In Third World nationalism it is the middle class intelligentsia oppressed by imperialism. 12 1917) as to the liberation of the " oppressed " peoples of Austria. The bustle and terror of the Rostovs' last days in Moscow stifled the gloomy thoughts that oppressed Sonya. How to use oppressed in a sentence. This success recommended him to the people of Spain, more particularly to the Lusitanian tribes in the west, whom Roman generals and governors of Sulla's party had plundered and oppressed. As tax-farmer he oppressed the non-Jewish cities and so won the admiration of Josephus. He eventually ends up being tried for treason, but he writes a manifesto while in the brig and his charisma reaches out to the oppressed and he gains a following. The whole constitution of society, in fact, seems to the sage a lamentable thing: the poor are oppressed, the earth is full of their cries, and there is no helper (iv. 46 sentence examples: 1. They were deposited in the heart of Athens, and henceforth escaped slaves and all persons in peril sought and found sanctuary at the grave of him who in his life had been a champion of the oppressed. He differs from Amos, however, in being more deeply in sympathy with the sufferings of the oppressed peasantry. The political situation has grown increasingly oppressive. It should be difficult, after the copious details of this autobiography de luxe of the Czech nation in the year 1916, to speak of it historically as an " oppressed " nation of Austria. Examples of oppress in a sentence, how to use it. 1) calls the wealthy women of Samaria, who oppressed the poor, " kine of Bashan.". In a few weeks he collected thousands of so-called Kuruczok (a corruption of Cruciati), consisting for the most part of small yeomen, peasants, wandering students, friars and parish priests, the humblest and most oppressed portion of the community, to whom alone a crusade against the Turk could have the slightest attraction. The oppressed had no hope of. We ought to encourage the empowerment of all those who feel oppressed or downtrodden. sally forth by night to seek for the destitute and oppressed. second-rate power, even to that of an oppressed nation. The vigour and success with which he organized the national resources and upheld the national honour, asserted the British sovereignty of the seas, defended the oppressed, and caused his name to be feared and respected in foreign courts where that of Stuart was despised and neglected, command praise and admiration equally from contemporaries and from modern critics, from his friends and from his opponents. The helpless natives were oppressed and robbed by the company and its servants in every possible way. Now the previously silent, oppressed masses can form a multitude capable of bringing about radical steps in the liberation of humankind. Example sentences with the word several. His wars and his extravagance exhausted his treasury, and he oppressed his subjects by taxes. hace 3 segundos 1 Thus the Magyars were saddled with two rival kings with equally valid titles, which proved an even worse disaster than the Mohacs catastrophe; for in most of the counties of the unhappy kingdom desperadoes of every description plundered the estates of the gentry, and oppressed the common people, under the pretext that they were fighting the battles of the contending monarchs. 2. He gave its Church a trained ministry, its homes an educated people who could give a reason for their faith, and the whole city an heroic soul which enabled the little town to stand forth as the citadel and city of refuge for the oppressed Protestants of Europe.". The European merchants above Khartum had sold their posts to Arab agents, who oppressed the natives in every conceivable fashion. He did not know that the priest who met him with the cross oppressed the peasants by his exactions, and that the pupils' parents wept at having to let him take their children and secured their release by heavy payments. See more. Lutheranism was more attractive to grand-ducal patriots and well-to-do burghers than to the poor and oppressed and disinherited. 97 examples: In this understanding the church takes on the role of champion of the… She was oppressed by her many woes. He was a rebel rising against the oppressor. The exiled oppressor of her people had to die, and she had to be sure of it. His sympathies were always with the poor and the, 30. In reality leadership, having risen above the oppressed class, inevitably succumbs to the pressure of the ruling class. The land-hungry Campbells of Argyll annoyed and oppressed them; reducing them virtually landless and to a state of lawlessness. By denouncing the evil deeds of John and the innovations practised by him, it shows what these were and how they were hated; how money had been raised, how forest areas had been extended, how minors and widows had been cheated and oppressed. Under Cairbre Cinnchait (" cathead ") the oppressed peoples succeeded in wresting the sovereignty from the Milesians, whose princes and nobles were almost exterminated (A.D. . "The Polish people were historically oppressed under neighboring empires." The definition of oppress is to keep something down using cruel or unjust power. The oppressed list of example sentences with oppressed. How to use oppress in a sentence. It is desirable in the first place to realize the condition of Italy at the time when the irruption of the French and the expulsion of the Austrians opened up a new political vista for that oppressed and divided people. a bundle of nerves idiom… The ease with which various risings were suppressed by the Franks gives colour to the supposition that they were rather the outcome of family quarrels than the revolt of an oppressed people. But convincing proof of its authenticity lies in Macarius' reference to himself as merely archbishop of Jerusalem, and his avowal that he was unwilling to advise the Armenians, "being oppressed by the weakness of the authority conceded him by the weighty usages of the church.". The problem is complicated by the fact that, from the Egyptian evidence, not only was there at this time no remarkable emigration of oppressed Hebrews, but Bedouin tribes were then receiving permission to enter Egypt and to feed their flocks upon Egyptian soil. 5. of Jerusalem), the interest of the history is in David's former relations with Israel at Saul's court, and he is regarded as the future deliverer of the oppressed people. Oppress definition is - to crush or burden by abuse of power or authority. Oppress definition, to burden with cruel or unjust impositions or restraints; subject to a burdensome or harsh exercise of authority or power: a people oppressed by totalitarianism. Who is going to wipe the tears of the oppressed widows? Exaction followed exaction, and in 1802 Russia resolved to assert her treaty rights in favour of the oppressed inhabitants of the principalities. 0. Representatives of autocratic theocracies that finance terror, oppress women and consider homosexuality a capital crime are welcomed at many campuses. The dictator uses fear to oppress his people. The latter view implies that the oppressed Israelites left Egypt for one of its dependencies, and both theories find only conjectural identifications in the various stations recorded in Num. In opposing Napoleon, " the oppressor of Europe and the disturber of the world's peace," Alexander in fact already believed himself to be fulfilling a divine mission. Machines serve us: technology serves us; our habits oppress us, and enslave us. 2. 18. oppress definition: 1. to govern people in an unfair and cruel way and prevent them from having opportunities and…. I was oppressed by a premonition of something terrible that had happened or was about to happen. Learn more. 10, The oppressive heat and humidity make that smell stronger. Thus was the once cheerful town of Dalton oppressed with a grievous pestilence, and many inhabitants were its victims. They all live in the same home and the women appear far from oppressed when interviewed. They were long greatly oppressed by the Dutch government, and in 1740 they were massacred to the number of 12,000. Oppressed definition: People who are oppressed are treated cruelly or are prevented from having the same... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples -racked. He was good-natured when not crossed, generous to dependents who made themselves useful to him, and indefatigable in defending the cause of those who were oppressed by the systems with which he was at war. Towards the end of the 17th ing legal protection to all, has altered the slavish character of the oppressed Irish. the German Leibeigenschaft) and the villein or roturier, who is only bound to perform certain duties and ought not to be further oppressed by the landowners on whose soil he is settled (Beaumanoir, Coutume de Beauvaisis). And we should not oppress or surrender each other. According to the highly intricate introduction the Hebrews were oppressed: (a) to familiarize them with warfare - it is assumed that they had intermarried with the Canaanites and worshipped their gods (iii. Before they took power(, they felt, 25. Oppress definition: To oppress people means to treat them cruelly, or to prevent them from having the same... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The oppressed clergy and peasantry regarded Valdemar as their natural deliverer; but so poor and friendless was he that the work of redemption proved painfully slow. Cyprus was now harshly governed by a lieutenant, and the condition of the natives, who had been much oppressed under the Lusignan dynasty, became worse. 3 4 He is alternately the oppressor and the victim of heroic and self-willed nobles - the idealized types of the patrons for whom the jongleurs and troubadours sang. 136+6 sentence examples: 1. We cannot be certain, indeed, how far the Frankish lords oppressed their Syrian tenants: the stories of such oppression have been discredited; while if we may trust the evidence of a Mahommedan traveller, Ibn Jubair, the lot of the Mahommedan who lived on Frankish manors was better than it had been under their native lords.'. At length Mycerinus, son of Cheops and successor of Chephren, reopened the temples and, although he built the Third Pyramid, allowed the oppressed people to return to their proper occupations. Oppressed: suffering grave abuse or injustice at the hands of one in authority. 97 examples: Their justifications for the public sector rested on the injustices of material… The Jews had been expelled from England by Edward I., after a sojourn in the country of rather more than two centuries, during which they had been the licensed and oppressed money-lenders of the realm, and had - through the special exchequer of the Jews - been used by the sovereign as a means of extorting a revenue from his subjects. At the same time an appeal, written by Tolstoy and some of his friends, requesting the help of public opinion in favour of the oppressed Doukhobors, was circulated in St Petersburg and sent to the emperor and higher government officials. oppress meaning: 1. to govern people in an unfair and cruel way and prevent them from having opportunities and…. It was under the name of al-mandi that Mokhtar proclaimed `Ali's son Mahommed as the opponent of the caliph Abdalmalik, and, according to Shahrastani, the doctrine of the mandi, the hidden deliverer who is one day to appear and fill the oppressed world with righteousness, first arose in connexion with a belief that this Mahommed had not died but lived concealed at Mount Radwa, near Mecca, guarded by a lion and a panther. What does oppress mean? These people often are oppressed by the governments of the countries they find themselves in. 11, It was even dimmer here, [ oppressive.html] and more oppressive. The system of the catasto, which led to abuses, was abolished, and a progressive income-tax (decima scalata) was introduced with the object of lightening the burdens of the poor, who were as a rule Medicean, at the expense of the rich; but as it was frequently increased the whole community came to be oppressed by it in the end.