As far as stain color goes, I would stay away from anything too dark because it is so far to one extreme end of color trend. We are going to be getting our hardwood floors refinished, too, and I asked several contractors about the water-based poly. The pine turned more gray than anything. May 9, 2017 - Explore LizaThacker's board "special/dark walnut on pine floors" on Pinterest. I love the Jacobean. I decided on the Provincial, in any case! Do it once do it properly Our house seems so much brighter and I never see the dirt or dust anymore!!! We have red oak floors and they are stained dark walnut. I wasn’t too crazy about it at first because I didn’t think it was dark enough. We love how the stain really brings out the wood grain. I like the looks of the floors from a decor standpoint. Works like a charm to clean up between bigger cleanings when the dust bothers me or before guests come over. 4.5 out of 5 stars 51. After all, what’s the point in refinishing my dining table for this room if I have no place to put it? So this needs to be addressed immediately before I can even begin working on other projects. So I’m gonna go for it. And then it’s a trip to the tool rental shop for me. Good luck! In the high traffic areas, the stain is completely worn away, but around the perimeter, the stain is a deep orange-red. Red oak in the raw. They wouldn’t do them! Tadas Sadunas. If you are going to be living in your home for many years, I would go with whatever you like. The pine turned more gray than anything. Is that what you want? Your email address will not be published. Here’s my issue. Special Walnut is quite a bit lighter. Ready Seal 125 1-Gallon Can Dark Walnut Exterior Stain and Sealer for Wood. The floor in the rest of the house is almost 70-year-old red oak flooring. I love all of those stain colors, but keep in mind that whatever you choose will darken over time. Red Oak Floor Stain Go Lighter Classic Gray Special Walnut Blend Testing Minwax Stain Colors For Hardwood Floor Addicted 2 Red Oak Floor Stain Houzz READ How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Concrete Floors Stained. So it’s just me making my own decisions, working on whatever I want to work on from day to day, and putting off the things that don’t interest me. Dec 22, 2018 - Duraseal jacobean, dark walnut and red mahogany on red oak. Especially with your new color palette. I don’t want any reddish hues and the dark stains made it look grainy and sort of dirty. Isn’t that pretty? You have said you like to be messy when working and the finish is unforgiving if it gets paint on it or scratched. It might not be perfect choice for an entire body but the few walnut topped Kauer's we've … It affects how the wood takes the color, and the differentials between the dark and light grain. So you might want to look into that. My Hubby is just like you. I’ve put it out of my mind. So taking the time now to do what you like vs what is fast may mean not redoing it later! I would love a light chocolate hue but don’t know if it possible. Minwax Dark Walnut was the first stain color that I fell in love with when I first started woodworking. We went for it and within 1/2 hour my LR floor was showing a beautiful light maple colour with no orange tone. It is my go-to stain color. I am old enough to remember the last time very dark floors were in style–( in the late 1970’s and that is the phrase we used to use, LOL) when they went out of style they were REALLY, REALLY out! She and Matt aren’t bothered by “messes” that would send “neat nicks” to the asylum. . I tested Minwax Jacobean stain, Dark Walnut stain, Special Walnut stain, and a mixture of 1 part Dark Walnut stain to 1 part Special Walnut stain. Ideal for unfinished wood furniture, cabinets, If you’re worried about your floors turning out too dark, then provincial is a really great choice. A friend was in the process of re-doing their floors, they got a color similar to Jacobean. When we bought our house, the oak floors were stained Dark Walnut. Okay, honestly, it wasn’t really a decision to stop procrastinating. It polishes to a very smooth finish, and the color ranges from creamy white in the sapwood to a dark chocolate in the heartwood. I’ve had them for over a year now, and have noticed no darkening. Walnut and maple have a single, distinct difference. Especially since you have a tendency to not cover your floors when you work on the room. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The pine turned more gray than anything. I agree that you will be happier once you get all of your hardwoods tied together with a common, more neutral stain. Learn how your comment data is processed. We did recently get a wand vacuum but we are in the midst of remodeling our bathroom (our contractor is in the midst of remodeling it actually) and I’ve let the sweeping slide so I’m not sure how the new vacuum works on those hairballs yet. All the best. Just a warning before you jump in to sand your older floors again: I live in a house built in the 1940’s and when I was renovating and had pros come in to sand and refinish my oak floor, they took one look and said they had been sanded too many times in the past and doing it again would cause the nail heads to be too close to the surface. I have one little guy bouncing, *Closed* SURPRISE! Keep on plugging! Dec 22, 2018 - Duraseal jacobean, dark walnut and red mahogany on red oak. Find a stain that approximates your existing floors. Hi Kristi. Get rid of it and for goodness sake, rent that big sander! What is the difference between walnut and chestnut? I don't want to go too dark so the room isn't too dark and every spec of pet hair and dust doesn't show. Anyway, I think any of these shades will go much better with your new colour scheme than the existing floor. And then I could stain the whole floor at the same time and make sure that I get an even color throughout. Last, is the redder of the two dark stains we experimented with. I think what she is saying is after you finish painting the walls and cabinets and right before you would bring in the furniture and stuff. The thing that jumps out at me in all these pictures that you posted (I love them all btw) is that surrounding these rooms…..everything is WHITE. Thanks. I had initially thought I was going to want the special walnut or special dark but didn’t love the samples that were placed on my actual floor. I would love a light chocolate hue but don’t know if it possible. I’ve also been procrastinating because I couldn’t decide whether to just sand the breakfast room floor with my big 6″ rotary sander or whether to rent the big drum sander and edge sander. The wood floor should really be a consistent color throughout your house and you are right about the oak having a strong orange undertone in the other rooms. I think it is the correct decision and as you know, once you feel something is lending an off color tone to a living space, that is all you can see every time you enter the room. 09/11/2020 20:33 Subject: Minwax Jacobean or Dark Walnut floor stain? That makes no sense to me to do the floors last. With dark floors, and cats/construction projects creating fine dust, you’ll need to clean your entire floor, including moving almost ALL the furniture, every time you plan on having company over, because there will be all these lines of ‘shady’ dusty areas around, and under furniture, where a normal day to day sweep and vacuum doesn’t reach, which make it look like you NEVER clean, and you just quickly swept up the main areas for the company’s benefit, except that it’s still obvious to everybody how dirty you really are, because really… look at the dust under that end table over there. You originally went with the Waterlox because you could touch it up after doing major remodeling jobs and making major messes in these rooms. I love English Chestnut by minwax, btw–have it on some stair handrails, and am thinking of using it when I refinish my floors. Staining. Shop Minwax Wood Finish Oil-Based Stain Dark Walnut Interior Stain (Gallon) in the Interior Stains department at Lowe' and Matt’s chair. You go girl! Medium dark might be safer–it never gets too far from whatever shade is popular and “on trend” at the time. ETA: Our floor guys are going to … Especially when you’ve got construction projects going on (like I do, and you do) because construction projects make so much fine dust. I really do like that floor with the half-and-half mixed stain on it, but to be honest, I just want this as simple as possible. Your house is beautiful. Designed for beautifying and protecting your exterior wood surfaces, this 1 Gal. Also, in my house I have a polyurethane floor that meets up with a floor that finished with tung oil (I think waterlox is close to tung oil with some additives from what I understand). Posted 9/27/11 10:34 PM Love watching all of your projects come together. The feel of these floors is night and day. I only read your blog and sort-of another, but your post reminded me of this one: – it even has some samples that look like what you like! We also love the mixture of rich, dark … I tried a drum sander once, years ago, and they are very unforgiving. It wasn’t difficult at all. And that’s why the hardwood floor in the breakfast room and pantry that I installed in September…. The first of the dark stains we tried was also the more neutral in tone. We have jacobean floors, and I really wouldn’t call them “dark” at all. If you read my blog regularly, you know that I’m not really one to settle for things that didn’t turn out the way I had hoped. I think the drum sander will make the job of removing the oil based Waterlox much easier. Usually most common reactions simply include eye and skin irritation. I am not housekeeper of the year but did not have issues with a lot of dust showing because of the color of the dark walnut stain. I tried a Dark stain and it stillness pulled up orange. The first of the dark stains we tried was also the more neutral in tone. Special Walnut 224; Weathered Oak 270; Vintage Blue 288; Gunstock 231; English Chestnut 233; Early American 230; Provincial 211; Aged Barrel 283; Red Oak 215; Espresso 273; Dark Walnut 2716; Mocha 280; Navy 286; Red Mahogany 225; Honey 272; Jacobean 2750; … Solution – get a Roomba. I personally don’t like high shine floors that look like they are wet. Minwax is notorious for bringing out all the ugliness and heavy dark grains in wood–no matter the color, and every time I’ve seen you do something that brings out grain, you paint over it. I’m going to use it on my unfinished white oak stairs next. Jacobean made my ancient floors look so good. DuraSeal is another fast dry stain with fabulous colors. ETA: Our floor guys are going to … That’s my only concern, as long as you’re happy with them . I really like the wood in the picture with the Jacobean. Please take the time to do the floors so you’ll end up loving them for years. You know, like if I forget or run out of time to vacuum every day then it won’t show. Good luck! I am glad you decided to redo all the floors to get the consistent look, but happier yet you are renting the necessary large sanders! 7 out of 10 of our new hardwood floors are dark and people love the look it offers. It’s only native to the state it’s named after. Blushed golden hues reflect light while smoky woodgrain draws your eye in. You can see that this stain consistently pulls a brown hue with the exception of the red oak for obvious reasons. Are you positive that you’re done with all the drywall work/messy remodeling work in all these rooms? Cannot wait to see which you decide upon and what the look will turn out to be. As long as there’s a visual threshold between the rooms (if not a physical one) and the colors are significantly different, it could look perfectly fine to have, say, dark floors in the kitchen and dining room and natural floors in the rest of the house. (I have oak floors similar to what you have now and about the same age except for the new sections in my kitchen, hall and office (we matched prefinished oak boards in the areas we added hardwood with the existing reddish honey color (refinished several years ago) to almost a perfect match (my floors have polyurethane on them). The color is a day and night difference. It welcomes any color palette without playing favorites and evokes a cavalier attitude. Bought the Porter air combo you recommended and just finished my planed wall in the living room! It’s a hardwax oil. I was so discouraged because my floors were still an orangey colour. Suggest also that you apply a matte seal coat. In the midst of my tears my dad asked if we shouldn’t try the drum sander. Why spend time making window treatments if I can’t hang them? Also think about your wall color. This choice was Greg’s favorite. Dark wood is in!! I chose "Special Walnut" stain for our kitchen & surrounding floors - does anyone else have this color? I think that would go well with your blues, greens, etc. I had some area sanded and tested some colors, special walnut, cherry, dark walnut and golden pecan. Your kitchen cabinets are blue/grey on the bottom, which will make your floors appear darker than in the pictures. This color chart is for reference only. Although I love the look of a darker finish especially in the wider planks, with a dust-generating parrot in the house, it would be a cleaning headache. And is special walnut too light and red? It's prized by woodworkers for its strength, grain and color. I went for it and refinished my floors. It fits in many color schemes, able to stand out elegantly with neutral tones, or sit back as a welcoming accent with bolder tones. However, I became a big fan when we saw the sample on our floors. 4.6 out of 5 stars 54. It delivered rich, dark brown tones. Oil based poly takes longer to cure, but lasts longer than water based. Dark floors darken and room and show every bit of lint and dust. I really want to redo them in Jacobean but I know what a huge undertaking that will be, especially with 3 little kids at home. I had dark walnut stained red oak floors in my previous house. Im sure once you get started you will fly on with the work. If you’ve never heard of Special Walnut, you won’t forget it now! Designed for beautifying and protecting your exterior wood surfaces, this 1 Gal. This beautiful unfinished hardwood flooring was finished with a special walnut stain. Wow, what a learning experience for a 73-year old!! As to comments about dust ‘n stuff on dark floors; this is Kristi, the Texas Tornado, the Queen of Remodel & Re-do! I usually do lots of research (I am a research junkie) about whatever project I am about to tackle (or hire out, LOL), and here is one of the best sites I found comparing the different hardwood floor finishes—written by a hardwood flooring contractor who is also a blogger! The problem with being a procrastinator who needs a little pressure to get things done is that when you work for yourself, there’s no one to apply that pressure. I know you don’t mind dust and mess while you’re in the middle of a remodel, but when it’s all finished, you will appreciate a cleaner looking floor without constant vacuuming. Eastern vs. California black walnut. All Rights Reserved. I refinished my red oak floors in dark walnut and polyurethane and I love them. I love the contrast of the floors against the white trim and lighter colored walls (I have revere pewter on a large portion of my house). The change in color is between the kitchen and the living room, and the kitchen and music room, and there won’t be a door in either of those places. So glad you have made this decision. happens. The pantry will have a door, but that’s not where the change in color occurs. Penetrates the wood rather than sitting on top like polyurethane does, it can also be touched up. My thoughts exactly. Natural wood tones vary, so expect your final stain color to vary slightly from board to board. My mom, my brother, and I are all working to get the finishing touches done, so I think we’ll have it finished in just a couple of days. I found it got right to the edges nicely and all I had to touch up by hand were the corners. That’s all fine and well if you’re a neat person who enjoys keeping a super clean house, but you’re not Kristi. Two words from personal experience with dark walnut. So I ended up having someone else install a new oak floor just like the old oak floor. I know you said you’re in a hurry to get it done, but you will regret it later if you end up tearing something out/making a big mess of the floors and they can’t easily be touched up. After watching your work process over the last few years, I say take the extra time to do the Waterlox so you have options going forward. You might consider using two different colors to get them to match. Your floor of course will be unique due to lighting, red oak, etc…. Dusty floors aren’t going to bother them IMO. I think for most people, a dark stain would be fine out of the can, but your eye is a little more sophisticated than most people when it comes to color and if the old flooring takes-up the stain differently than the new one even by a little, you’ll notice it and it will drive you bananas. Last, is the redder of the two dark stains we experimented with. I used 1/2 Dark Walnut and 1/2 Special Walnut on my red oak stairs (to match my existing wood floors) and I love them! Waterlox gives you options to touch up, easily refinish, add new flooring. The Obvious. I ended up leaving them natural because I was so happy with them. Light just glares off of them. I chose "Special Walnut" stain for our kitchen & surrounding floors - does anyone else have this color? Just something for you to consider. We have prefinished hardwood in Dark Walnut in our new house, and I love it. My floor guy said, with the additive, the water-based poly would be more durable than oil, smelled much better, and had faster drying time. So admire your daring to tackle such projects! It might not be perfect choice for an entire body but the few walnut topped Kauer's we've … Stain Gallery. Allergies/Toxicity: Although severe reactions are quite uncommon, Black Walnut has been reported as a sensitizer. When we have a professional refinish both old and new floors on one of our jobs, the colors between the new and old floors (meaning the actual mix of the stain colors) are sometimes different, if the delineation line occurs at a straight point between rooms- like between the kitchen and living/music room. 4.6 out of 5 stars 483. …still looks like that. Pics of : Minwax Special Walnut On Red Oak Floors. We had a dark stained oak floor with a polyurethane finish in our kitchen in our previous house. I also don’t like dark floors that have been popular the last several years. Is Dark walnut too dark? Responds well to steam bending. I would highly recommend this product. I am so glad someone told me about it. Except… it’ll look like that under the end table after just a few days… so if you don’t want your house to look like you never clean, and just swept up for the purpose of entertaining, you will need to move all the furniture to clean under it before you entertain. It is a quality product. I know you don’t mind dust and mess while you’re in the middle of a remodel, but when it’s all finished, you will appreciate a cleaner looking floor without constant vacuuming. I have the most easygoing husband who couldn’t care less if I ever finish anything. We made a pretty awesome team this yea, Three more sleeps! I would wait until all trim, painting, and light installation has been done, but before decorating (window treatments, furniture, etc.) I’ve been so conflicted about how to proceed with it, and since I’ve been able to keep busy with other projects, I’ve felt no pressure to get it done. It is holding up nicely and I don’t know if the stain would darken with an acrylic overcoat the same way as will oil based. ), One Year Housiversary Tour (Past, Present, and Future Plans) – Living Room, Music Room, Hallway, and Hallway Bathroom, An Easy & Inexpensive Way To Update Flush (Flat Panel) Interior Doors With Molding,, The Persian walnut picked up the name "English walnut" over the years since it was English merchants who introduced the nuts across the globe. Neutral wood plays nicely with any color scheme. I also realized that in the amount of time it would take me to completely sand the breakfast room and pantry with my 6″ rotary sander on my hands and knees, I could probably sand the pantry, breakfast room, kitchen, music room, living room, and hallway with the big drum sander. I would just suggest that you stay away from anything too dark and try to pick the stain with the most neutral undertone as possible. It’s time to stop procrastinating and get things done. See more ideas about pine floors, flooring, staining wood. We don't sell Duraseal Stains. Great Special Walnut/ Jacobean blend on a 4″ White Oak. Minwax Wood Finish is a penetrating, oil-based stain that enhances wood grain with rich color in just one coat. Thanks so much for your help! Colors are shown on White Oak. With the cathedral graining in regular red oak, it might be something to look into, as other have noted, you might not be happy with how the grain looks and the contrast when stained dark. 7 years later…and wanting a brighter, non dust showing floor– we striped them and put a clear coat on them!!! No back pain or further delays. Walnut is right between Maple and Mahogany to my ears and is NOT dark sounding, simply dark looking. This choice was Greg’s favorite. It’s the perfect, medium-dark wood stain with golden highlights that show through the wood grain. Remember the stripes? If you put a poly on it, you can’t spot fix it, and so in a year’s time, it’ll look awful, and you’ll end up redoing them again anyways. I think it’s also very pretty, and I do like that it’s a bit lighter (and less red), so it might not show dirt as much as the straight Dark Walnut. Every wood species benefitted greatly from the conditioner with this stain. Have you looked at the colors offered by General Finishes? Minwax 70006444 Wood Finish Penetrating Stain, quart, Special Walnut. Then came Dark Walnut. There are no due dates on my home projects. None of which I am excited about but selected golden pecan becAuse it seems the safest. I had Provincial in my last house and really liked it (didn't show dirt easily but also didn't show dust like a dark stain will). Minwax Wood Finish is a penetrating, oil-based stain that enhances wood grain with rich color in just one coat. I was very surprised how much that color grew on me when it was previously a yellowy oak finish on narrow boards. Funny, I'm between these two for my floors! It is so easy to divot the floor that this is one thing I would leave to the professionals. I’ve wanted to just put a few coats of Waterlox on the floors throughout the house and leave it at that, but there’s no way that new and old oak floors will look the same color with just a clear coat. It was gorgeous, and stayed gorgeous. It’s really easy to look at a pile of walnut and assume it’s low in quality because walnut, the poor guy, has a lot of characteristics that you don’t find in other woods. That breakfast room/pantry floor, as well as the floor in the kitchen, is new red oak flooring. We used a mixture of the Special Walnut and Dark Walnut when we had our existing hardwood floors redone to match the new flooring we had laid after removing old carpet. Also, maybe look into a high traffic poly that might better stand up to cat’s claws (I think you have a cat?) My daughter went that route, and regrets it now, with two kids and two cats! For what it’s worth I think you are on the right track. Seems logical to do it now while the rooms are practically empty, rather than last when the rooms are filled with window treatments, accessories, and furniture. If I had it to do over again, I’d definitely with a lighter color and use watertox since I’ve seen how well it has worked for you in the past. Ever. Last, is the redder of the two dark stains we experimented with. Reply. I don't want to go too dark so the room isn't too dark and every spec of pet hair and dust doesn't show. Ask me how I know this. I am going to sign up again because I don’t want to miss anything you do. Ideal for unfinished wood furniture, cabinets, We have had natural finished flooring in another house that had high shine, and I literally had to shade my eyes at certain times of the day from the glare! Here is a link to the latest update on hardwax oil:, And here is a link to the first of his 4 part series on choosing a hardwood floor finish/topcoat:, Hope this helps. . The shiny plastic-y look is yesterday’s news. Your are truly amazing in all you accomplish. I just used a large container and added an entire can of each color and mixed it up. I love that you don’t feel trapped by your decisions. The juglans regia tree (English Walnut Tree) is smooth and soft with fewer ridges while the bark of the juglans nigra (Black Walnut Tree) is hard and grooved.The English walnut tree takes years before maturity, while the black walnut tree grows very fast. And please finish these rooms, i am a big fan but repeeting and reedoing is taking the fun out of it. May 9, 2017 - Explore LizaThacker's board "special/dark walnut on pine floors" on Pinterest. (I hope you read comments from your posts that are a few days old, LOL!). Over the years, natural walnut wood develops a lustrous patina. Minwax Special Walnut. If you do use the drum sander yourself, start in an inconspicuous spot. When comparing English walnut vs black walnut wood, the balance is tipped in favor of the black walnut. So now I just need to decide on the color. For this project, I want to not just protect the wood, but add color to it. Not long ago I refinished our stairway to match our walnut floors. - Tell the difference between chestnut and walnut. Duraseal stain are one of the two proffesional stain used by most flooring contractors, with the one being Bona. Duraseal also has a wider selection of colors. That is something to consider. I just had my white oak floors redone with jacobean and love the results. I don’t want any reddish hues and the dark stains made it look grainy and sort of dirty. We refinished our floors with the drum sander and this looks so much easier! Some paint came off the baseboards during the process and a few flecks were missed and got poly’d in. I didn’t know about these! Front Porch & Exterior Makeover (In Progress), Photo by Thomas Jacobson Construction, Inc, Discover traditional family room design inspiration, Discover transitional family room design inspiration, Rolling French Door Progress (Almost Finished! Such fun. So Provincial it was . There is also a bunch of colors and samples you can try out. There is also the California black walnut (Juglans californica) which is a rare species that has a very limited growing area. A non-orange color that I’m actually happy with. So I’ve procrastinated. Special Walnut is one of the go-to brown stains that isn’t too dark. In terms of the color saturation, the other thing you should explore is the wet versus dry staining. I meant to comment yesterday. Black walnut wood is dark, hard, dense and tight-grained. Provincial is a warm, medium toned brown. See more ideas about pine floors, flooring, staining wood. Wow, lots of info in these comments and I’ve nothing to add except Sarah G makes a lot of sense! I’m horrible with photography or I’d snap a picture and add it. But right now, we’re all hands on deck. (and also, I almost put off my own renovation another year because I was trying to find out what to do with the floor). Special Walnut is a timeless color with a rich and natural feel. So I choose Minwax® Wood Finish™ stain in Special Walnut.. Are you going to have a more traditional design, if so think about the colors Early American, Special Walnut and Gun-stock- these are all really great looking and timeless. Easy to apply…I applied by hand…A beautiful matte finish and a raw look on the wood..the white toned down the orange in the wood. I also think doing a poly is a terrible idea for you, for all the reasons people have already mentioned: you’re not nice to your floors. It's a criminally under appreciated wood choice IMO. It’s dark, handsome, classy, and a downright joy to cut, shape, sand and finish into a wonderful project. I think the Jacobean will play more nicely with your color scheme. Since the Minwax Wood Finish is oil-based, I’m using a natural bristle brush. Log in, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), « Blue and White Coastal Prints – Free Download, Install Wall Sconces Without Running Electrical ». Mine would have booted me out long ago (smile)!