Claw is said to be a bigger brand than Budweiser. No sugar added. It’s the drinks trend that has hit our friends across the pond like a carbonated tidal wave. It is said that the main two brands with a whopping 85% of the market; the Mark Anthony Group’s White Claw (50% of the market) and Boston Beer’s Truly together sold over 100,000 barrels in the 4th July holiday week alone! It all sounds very delectable, extremely refreshing and highly drinkable, but the real draw comes from the low alcohol and low calorie content, which plays into the rising health-driven trend for conscious and ‘sober-curious’ drinking. Aldi has joined the growing hard seltzer trend in Ireland with the launch of its own line of canned seltzers. Crafted with quality ingredients, White Claw ® Hard Seltzer 70 is made from a blend of seltzer water, our gluten-free alcohol base, and a hint of fruit flavor. Polar Seltzer is known for its non-alcoholic sparkling waters, but the brand recently entered the hard-seltzer market with Arctic Summer. Nordic Wolf Hard Seltzer is vegan-friendly, gluten-free and has natural flavours. Nordic Wolf Hard Seltzer - Raspberry And Blackcurrant 330ml; Nordic Wolf Hard Seltzer - Raspberry And Blackcurrant 330ml. Now the brands are making inroads into the UK market. Wine maker E&J Gallo has Barefoot made from a wine base and High Noon made from vodka. The trend started in the US, with the drinks becoming hugely popular not just for a refreshing change from the usual bar beverages, but for … Only 29 calories per 100ml • 4% ABV. A seltzer is a sparkling flavoured water. Constellation has Corona Hard Seltzer, Pabst Blue Ribbon’s Stronger Seltzer weighs in at 8%ABV and Four Loko Sour Seltzer at 14%ABV is hardly for the health conscious! 1 Unit. Fresh and light presenting Nordic nature. 0,33 l can litrahinta: € 9.06 Nutrition Facts (100 ml) Energy 114 kJ /27 kcal Carbohydrates 0 g Fat 0 g Protein 0g Sugar 0g Ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Himalayan Salt, … Available in Mixed Berries, Black Cherry and Passionfruit flavours, the drinks are made with the brand’s trademarked ‘KopparSpirit’, an alcohol base which leaves behind no residual sugar. An Aldi own-brand invention, Nordic Wolf is the supermarket’s first ever hard seltzer. Hard seltzers are simply a mix of sparkling water with alcohol – though many have flavourings such as natural fruit extracts for an added kick. Nordic Wolf Aldi. The 7m barrel MillerCoors plant at Fort Worth is to quintuple hard seltzer production. The first example was SpikedSeltzer which appeared in 2013 only to be subsumed by Anheuser Busch a few years later and both of today’s leading brands debuted in 2016 so growth has been phenomenal. Newly launched by Coca-Cola (and marking the brand’s first move into the alcohol market in Europe), Topo Chico is the Mexican sparkling mineral water brand that’s long been favoured by mixologists worldwide. Most are clear but in a hectic marketplace a tinge of colour is creeping in to help with product differentiation. If you enjoy people, you’ll probably fit right in. Are you collaborative? Served launches exclusively in Selfridges and at from 22 July. Fermentation at 22oC will easily lead to a 10%ABV base even without using a distillers yeast. Beer has been around in […], With much of Britain returning to varying degrees of lockdown, are you going to have another go at brewing your own beer? Two Days comes in two flavours – Vodka Lime Soda & Vodka Raspberry Soda – which are both made with five-times distilled British vodka, lightly sparkling water and natural fruit extracts. Purchase via the Chase Distillery website. © 2020 YOU Magazine. Nutrition Facts (100 ml) The American Dental Association warns against drinking too many acidic drinks, as acids can wear away the hard outer layer of enamel that protects your teeth from decaying.. And since seltzer is slightly acidic, there are some concerns that drinking it can erode your teeth. They also tend to come in rather chic looking cans, which never hurts and only adds to our desire to bring one (or a few) to our next socially-distanced picnic or BBQ. BrewDog says it brought its launch forward as it had space in the production program with Covid decimating on-trade sales during the lockdown. Topo Chico Hard Seltzer Topo Chico It is far too large a topic to cover in much detail in this blog of just over 1000 words, but here we go with a few of the issues and some innovative solutions. ... Sugar, Fat & Carbs. RTD-product. Production of so called fermented malt beverages was the base of early US alcopops using a light coloured malt which attracted beer rather than spirit duty. The canned tipple comes in four delicious flavours including juicy lemon, tangy strawberry & lime, sweet yet sour cranberry & cherry and refreshing raspberry & blackcurrant. RTD-product. The Nordic Wolf hard seltzers are a new sparkling libation from grocery store chain Aldi that will provide consumers with a low-cost, high-quality and accessible canned cocktail option. 5,0% Alc. Here next? Indeed the Brewers Association helped by relaxing the definition of craft beer so as long as you are small (less than 6m barrels!) Do you have energy, a work ethic, and a sense of humour? The supermarket is launching Nordic Wolf hard seltzer later this month, with the usual recipe of a gluten-free alcohol base, sparkling water and fruit flavours. Sustainability – How Is The Drinks Industry Doing. Two tasty flavours are available, raspberry and lime, and they’re just 57 calories each. US rules demand anything paying beer duty has to go through a label approval process with the tax authorities, luckily anything brewed from sucrose is still duty charged as beer but there is no label approval needed. Nordic Wolf, which will Iand on Aldi shelves in mid-July, will retail at £1.29 per can, just under half Tesco’s £2.50 price for White Claw. Nordic Wolf is made with sparkling water and a gluten-free alcohol base Aldi is launching a cheaper, own-label version of US hard seltzer hit White Claw. Blueberry -infused, New world-style, Hard Seltzer. Made from a mix of Smirnoff No.21 Premium Vodka, sparkling water and natural fruit flavours, a 250ml serving of Smirnoff Seltzer is just 72 calories. Mike’s canned mixes of water, alcohol and bubbles are infused with a hint of natural lemon, lime or black cherry for a refreshingly light beverage. With Google searches for hard seltzer in the UK up 67 per cent in May this year, it’s no surprise that cult American brands such as White Claw (who make up over half of US hard seltzer sales) are making their way onto British supermarket shelves, while established names like Smirnoff and Kopparberg have been quick to jump on the hard seltzer bandwagon and launch their own versions too. Perhaps social media and catchy phrases like ‘there ain’t no laws when you’re drinking claws’ will invest some longevity amongst the target market. Coming to a supermarket near you soon – note the different product descriptors, We have been blogging about beers but skirting around brewing technology in general. Aldi Nordic Wolf Never one to miss out on a trend, budget supermarket Aldi has done it again by taking inspiration from the bestselling White Claw to create its own hard seltzer drinks. Predictably, as seltzer has become even more popular, some companies have begun to launch alcoholic versions of the beverage. White Claw is the leading hard seltzer brand in the States. With three flavours to choose from – Apple, ginger & açai berry, Elderflower, lemon & mint or Cherry, mango & goji berry – pick up one of these classy looking cans at your local Morrsions or online on Amazon. Hard seltzers can be a healthier, vegan-friendly alternative to beer or alcopops, thanks to its low-calorie range and little to no added sugar. Supposedly refreshing on a hot day, I am afraid I have to admit that your correspondent has yet to try one, days have not been hot enough! No sugar added. Being America, they are barrel aging while others are heaving in hops and chilli peppers as well! All Rights Reserved. Truly, America’s second biggest hard seltzer brand from Boston Beer. Most are in can at around 100 Kcals per can but you need to be wary that some are in 250mL slims, 330mL small or even US standard 12oz (354mL), so read the label. New world style, Hard Seltzer. Still in the States Molson Coors plans to quintuple its seltzer capability at its Fort Worth plant for its existing Vizzy brand which has now been brought in house and a new one extending the Coors brand as Budweiser has done with Natural Light and Bud Light Seltzer on the back of its Bon and Viv. Delicious. Likewise, Aldi, a low-price supermarket that will not stock White Claw, has announced it will launch its own take on hard seltzer, called Nordic Wolf (cool name) at just £1.29 ($1.63) per can. Available only at Aldi. and independent and brew some craft beer you can dabble in as many other forms of alcoholic beverage as you like. Nordic Wolf Hard Seltzer is vegan-friendly, gluten-free and has natural flavours. Last summer had sales of these drinks in the States soaring. With just 97 calories in each can, Nordic Wolf offers a lower-calorie alternative to beer and alcopops (there are 172 calories on average in a 4% alcopop**). An Aldi own-brand invention, Nordic Wolf is the supermarket’s first ever hard seltzer. The supermarket is launching Nordic Wolf hard seltzer later this month, with the usual recipe of a gluten-free alcohol base, sparkling water and fruit flavours. Inspired by the Nordic wilderness, Aldi’s hard seltzers are low calorie and vegan-friendly. ... Nordic Wolf: Manufacturer: Aldi Stores Ltd, PO Box 26, Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 2SQ: ABV% 4: Back then a boatload of Two Dogs, an alcoholic lemonade from Australia was on its way to the UK when Bass stole a march and got Hoopers Hooch into the marketplace long before the shipment got to Southampton. This would need to be treated with activated carbon and ultrafiltered to produce a clear product like Coors Zima which was a one million barrel brand back in its day (1993). J’Aime Tangerine Rose with Hibiscus beat both market leaders Claw and Truly in the first national competition. Vol. Vol. Drty Hard Seltzer’s are not just sugar- and sweetener-free, they’re also one of the few low carb seltzers on the UK market. Available from Ocado and You can shop them online at Bass used a base called Chateau which was a brewery fermentation of cane sugar with ammonium dihydrogen phosphate to provide the nitrogen nutrient requirement usually derived from a malt wort. Available to buy across Tesco and Morrisons. We have looked at no- and low alcohol products, life style beers like low carbs or organics, home brewing and some aspects of sustainability, yet we have not told you the basics about how it is brewed. Much like the boom of flavoured gins that propelled the spirit’s recent rise in popularity, hard seltzers come in a wide variety of fruity flavours and alcohol mixes, making the options endless and their appeal vast. Hard seltzers have been a big deal in the US for a few years now, but they’ve only just migrated their way across the pond this year. Truly has overtaken beer in Boston’s portfolio. Nordic Wolf, inspired by the Nordic Wilderness and produced in collaboration with The Swedish Cider Company, retails at €1.99 per 330ml can and comes in at 4% ABV. Marketed as ‘a hard seltzer for healthy hedonists’, Bodega Bay comes in with one of the lowest calorie contents on this list at just 73 calories per can. The Gold Coast’s Lost Palms Brewing Co has launched the first in its series of Hard Seltzers.. Lost Palms said that the beverage is 100 per cent natural, made like a lightly-flavoured soda but brewed from malt instead of distilled spirits. The brand comes in nine flavors so far, and they are sold in two different variety packs. The king and queen of hard seltzers after first rising to fame in the US, White Claw is available in three natural flavours of raspberry, black cherry and natural lime. Arctic Summer is made with Polar Seltzer. This quirk led to a rush of smaller US breweries piling in to seltzers during low levels of lockdown output. Kopparberg have also got in on the hard seltzer action and have launched there bold and fruity flavours reminiscent of their bestselling fruity ciders – mixed berries, black cherry and passionfruit. Drop us a line! That’s why our craft seltzer was made by hand, with real ingredients, by a dude with an awesome beard, in a facility that runs on 100% solar power. Blueberry -infused, New world-style, Hard Seltzer. Some of us […], The Carling Partnership Limited, The Clock House Studio, Clock House Lane, Bramley, Surrey GU5 0AP, + 44 (0) 1483 893 100 Made using only natural ingredients, these Cucumber, Yuzu and Hibiscus & Rose flavoured seltzers are a balanced and refreshing drink created using sparkling water infused with natural fruit flavours and botanicals, inspired by the travels and experiences of the founders.
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